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D100SS-single diamond cup wheel D180LI-Long Life Diamond Cup Wheel D100FS-Fast cut diamond cup wheel PCD Cup Wheel STONE CORE BITS PCD FAN Concrete/ Asphalt Saw Saldes METAL BONE FAN GRINDER Diamond cutter D68 Tuck Point Blade&Crack Chaser Magnetic disk EPOXY/CONCRETE Diamond  Wheel SINTERED SAW BLADES RESIN Bond Diamond tools 3 Stone saw blade(Bridge) DRY CORE BIT(Short) CONCRETE Diamond  Wheel WET CORE BITS 7 Swirling Diamond cup wheel-10mm DRY CORE BITS Diamond Segments D125DT-Multi-perpose Diamond Cup Wheel ACCESSORIES D125SM-Symmetry diamond cup wheel D125HD-Heavy Duty Diamond Cup Wheel HEX Diamond Cup Wheel D100DB-double diamond cup wheel D180TB24-turbo diamond cup wheel D100AN-Alternate Diamond Cup Wheel D125SW-Swirling Diamond Cup Wheel D180T-T type diamond cup wheel D100MINI-MiNi Diamond Cup Wheel D100SEG-Roof Segment Diamond Cup Wheel D100AR-Arrow Diamond Cup Wheel D100ST-Sintered Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel


* Diamond grinding tools
* Diamond core bits
* Diamond saw blades


      Our company mainly focus on the development of diamond tools new materials and application, and constantly develop the newest field of super diamond hard materials and application products, and strive for customers...

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